Photography from the McKinley Center Show 2018

In our modern western culture, individuals tend to be rushing from one place to another without noticing their surroundings.  This is more pronounced at night due to a cultural fear of the dark.  I hope to show people the incredible beauty of an urban environment that awaits them when they slow down and look around themselves at night.
This series is part of an ongoing project attempting to reproduce what I see at night in an urban environment with digital photography.  Historically, photography has not had the ability to capture the full range of light and detail that humans see.  Photographers have a long history of trying to find ways to produce photographs that mimic what humans see, Ansel Adams and his work of Yosemite is a well-known artist that made innovations in photography in his attempts to create a print that reflects how humans see.  This is part of my ongoing attempts to capture images that mimic what humans actually see.

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